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Concentrate Rigs

Concentrate Rigs, also known as dabbing rigs are the latest way to smoke! We all know that the prices for concentrates are very high, but you can actually buy concentrate rigs cheap from the UK. These things can be found for sale in many different shops and over the last few years the selection of different styled concentrate rigs for sale has gone crazy! With many different brands selling these rigs for cheap you won't have a problem finding your perfect concentrate rig.

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Dabbing Rigs

There is no difference between dabbing rigs and the previously mentioned type of rig. These are simply different names that represent the same thing. They are also called 'dab rigs' and 'oil rigs', there is no difference at all though, you can simply pick the name you think sounds coolest! Cheap dab rigs normally come with a glass nail rather than the better aluminium nails, but if you are looking for dab rigs for sale then don't worry about which type of nail you get. Dab Rigs can be used with oil or wax, some kind even come with interchangeable bowls allowing you to use normal smoking mixes.

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Glass Oil Rig Cheap

Cheap glass oil rigs are very commonly available and can easily last you for many years, just as long as an expensive one. The only thing with any glass oil rig that you need to look out for is how you heat the nail. Make sure you are not heating the glass joint that the nail/dome sites on, as glass will always expand when heated which will cause the joint to crack, making your oil rig bong destroyed, no body wants to buy oil rigs twice in a row! You can only get an oil rig in glass, visit an online bong shop such as HerbTools, bonghits or buy bongs here.

Cheap Concentrate Pipes

Now cheap concentrate rigs are different to the concentrate pipe in shape, size and price. Concentrate pipes are as they sound, instead of a desktop bong shop they are simply pipes made from glass with a wider end that involves either a glass nail or aluminium nail. Concentrate glass pipes can be purchased for a really cheap price compared to the $100 (50) oil rigs. You can expect to buy a cheap glass pipe for as low as $40 (30), I have even seen one with an aluminium nail at that price before!

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