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Dabbing Rigs

We have dabbing rigs at disgustingly low prices when compared to other shops! Our online only shop means that we can sell these dabbing rigs for cheap while still bringing our customers quality. We advise you to see the oil rig collection too!

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There is no difference in the oil rigs to our dabbing rigs, in actual fact they should always be named dabbing rigs as oil is not the only thing that gets smoked on them.

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Types of bowls for dabbing rigs

There are three different materials that these bowls are being made from. Glass, titanium and less commonly ceramic. These materials make ideal bowls for dabbing rigs as they can be quickly heated up to the point they turn red in a short period of time. Titanium is by far the best type as it holds hear for way longer than glass and ceramic.

What do I recommend?

I have a good bit of knowledge on these dabbing rigs and it has come at a cost, as these can be pricey gadgets! The best set up you can go for us a glass dabbing rig that comes with a titanium bowl (not nail, titanium nails are good but a full bowl is much better!). Avoid glass nails unless you are on a budget. There are loads of cheap bongs you can go for like these.