concentrate rigs

Oil Rigs

Oil rigs are the most impressive type of smoking tool you can possibly have! With our amazing designs you will be able to blow your friends away with the best oil rigs ever made!

Oil Rigs for Dabbing

When you go to buy an oil rig you can expect to pay around 40 - 150+ ($60 - $200+), at the bottom side of the price you will be getting a cheap oil rig but it will be fine and get the job done with ease. Do not forgot to also buy a torch / jet lighter as a soft flame lighter will be difficult to use when heating up your concentrate bowl. You can also get these for a cheap price if you look around, they take normal gas.

How to Dab

So regardless of the material of your nail or bowl, you will need to use a jet lighter to heat it up until it burns red. Before doing this it is a good idea to have your oil or wax ready on the end of your titanium or glass dabber (a stick shaped utensil) as the nail or bowl will cool quickly and the dab will not combust and turn to smoke.
Once the hot plate is red just touch the concentrate to the plate and watch it turn to smoke!

glass dabbing rig